Tuesday, May 30, 2006

RCA Summer Show review

On Sunday I went along to Part 1 of the Royal College of Art Summer show for graduating students.

As usual the college has put on a highly professional show which is well signed and a pleasure to walk round. The catalogue (both online and in print) is also well written and produced. Other art schools could really learn a thing or two from the way in which the RCA put on their show.

There were many highlights for me but to sum up a few of them:

Abigail Smith (painting) - beautiful, thought provoking intimately woven embroidered silk tapestries depicting what at first sight would appear to be traditional mythological scenes but look closer and you will see hints of a darker sexual nature. For me the highlight of the painting show.

Ursula Llewellyn (painting) - nude men, deceptive scales, well executed.

Brigida Mendes (photography) Original photos of old women - visual tricks with shadow and perception. In my opinion head and shoulders above the other photography offerings.

Ulrich Gebert (photography) much has been made of this talented young german artist. He shunned photography to produce a thought provoking piece on genetically modified crops and seeds. Well worth a second look.

Duncan Cook (Photography) this appealed to the scientist in me - pictures of marbles set up to look like the planets. Fun.

Nick Turvey (Glass) quite stunning pieces of coloured glass in all sorts of different tactile curves. I would have gone home with one of Nick's pieces if I could afford it!

Olivia Lowe absolutely beautiful silver vases for single stemmed flowers. Stunning. How do you put the water in though?

Adam Bridgland (printmaking) quirky 1950's style prints advertising a more wholesome time. Not totally original but well executed, quirky and amusing.

Well those are just some of the highlights but I would strongly suggest that you go along and see it for yourself. There is plenty of interesting stuff.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

RCA Show starts soon

The round of Art School summer shows has started with the Scuplture show at the Royal College of art starting on 25 May and the show Part 1 starting on 26 May 2006. Of all the Art school summer shows I find this one to be the most professionally run and an absolute pleasure to attend. It is also great for RCA secret research as many of the students showing will subsequently submit cards for the sale.

There is so much to see you could be there all day. The RCA have set up a dedicated website for the show.

Click here to be taken to it.