Sunday, June 20, 2010

A postcard buy led to this....

Here is a great story arising out of the 2009 sale.  Crystal Bennes, director of Salon (london) bought a postcard at the 2009 show by rca graduate Noemie Goudal.  Anyway she like the postcard so much that she is exhibiting it, together with other work by Goudal at an exhibition at 97 clerkenwell road starting in late june.

Here are all the details courtesy of spoonfed 

SALON (LONDON) returns this year with a really rather smashing idea. Director Crystal Bennes bought a work from last year's RCA Secret (you know, that exhibition where you can buy artists' postcards but you don't know who they're by) and then challenged the artist she 'chose' to come up with a solo show.

The artist selected turned out not to be Damien Hirst or Gerhard Richter (fortunately) but Noemie Goudal, who's recently graduated from the RCA with an MA in photography. We saw her work in the exhibition curated by Jotta at last year's Affordable Art Fair, and it's wicked: complex, layered and laden with latent with drama.

In addition to new work by Goudal, there's also the original postcard on display alongside a video documenting the whole process.

Until 06.07.10.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Save the date!!

A little bird tells me that RCA Secret 2010 will run from Friday 12 November to Saturday 20th November with the sale on saturday.  So remember you heard it here first!