Friday, February 01, 2008

Still feeling the Love?

From JMM.

Well, Happy new year all (Am I still allowed to say that in Feb?)

Anyway, now with a few months since Secret 07 opened and closed, I'm wondering how people are feeling about it, now that the hype and the sale are being confined to memory.

Do your RCA cards have pride of place? Have they now been shamedly put in a drawer, given away as presents, eaten by the dog, sold on ebay? Still feeling the Love you had for them when after all that queing and worrying you finally held them in your hand? Buyers remorse?

I have most of mine dotted around the house, although one is in a plastic sleeve thats stuck onto the fridge (its an insult to fridge magnets but I paid £30 for it and can't throw it out.

Hopefully none of yours have suffered the fate of one of my cards, when I framed an oil-painted card in a cheap and nasty frame (with the intention of being temporary), only to discover it flattend the oil, and had some transference to the glass that it shouldn't have been pressing up against.

Having said that, (almost) more frustrating for me is the fact that although last year I think my wife and I were extremely lucky, out of the eight cards we bought between us, we have only frame two. The rest are safely wrapped in the envelope I received them in, awaiting the day I can afford to have them all framed professionally. So the picture above (two cards by Damien Hirst) was created using Photoshop.

I'll be making the trip to John Jones in a week or so with a few others to finally get these framed, and will let you all know how we got on. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you about whether you haven't stopped looking at your cards since you bought them, or that a day doesnt go by without you saying to yourself "Whatever was I thinking?".

Anyway, the good news is that there are only 10 months to go to RCA Secret 2008. Woohoo!!