Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When we will know some of the Artists?

Come on our friends at the RCA - give us a sneak preview of the artists exhibiting at RCA Secret.  Even the times article on Monday didn't seem to know for sure who might be exhibiting.  Chris Ofili would seem to be the lead "name" that may be.  With only 3 weeks to go to the exhibition we would love to know.

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JMM said...

Well, these may not be the names you were looking for, but the following have added these details to their website promoting they are contributing to the postcard sale...

Pam Glew
Louise Stevens
Mandy Wilkinson

... two of the artist above list themselves as 'Exhibiting' or 'Showing' at the postcard sale!

Isn't this a bit rich considering nobody will know its their art on display.I suppose it looks good on the CV to say you contributed to the RCA Secret, but to say 'Exhibited' I think is exercising artistic license.