Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mention for RCA Secret in the Times

The Times has an article about the October art fairs and mentions the sale briefly

"Well, artists’ ephemera can be worth something if you hang onto it for long enough. Take the Royal College of Art’s annual fundraiser for emerging artists, RCA Secret (Nov 13-21; It’s a first come, first served lucky dip where you can buy an original postcard-sized artwork for £40. The names of the artists, designers and illustrators are unseen, but if you can recognise the style of, say, Grayson Perry, Nick Park or Paula Rego, you’re more likely to get lucky. And it could be the best £40 you ever spend. At Sotheby’s in 2007, a Damien Hirst skull drawing from 2004’s RCA Secret resold for £15,600, while Peter Doig’s card from the 2000 sale went for £42,000."

Full article, which is worth a read, here

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