Friday, November 11, 2011

2900 Cards!

According to this blog there will be 2900 cards in this years show with contributors to include "artists Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry, Anish Kapoor as well as design figureheads James Dyson, Paul Smith and Kenneth Grange."

It is said that this number of contributions is a record but I'm not sure that is correct.  I believe that in the early years of the sale the college got over 3000 cards.  If anyone knows for certain I'd be interested to hear.  Anyway whichever way you look at it, it will be a fantastic year!


bunny mazhari said...

There is so much emphasis on celebrity / famous artists, I worry that people feel let down when they get a card by me or other nobodies!

pezlow said...

I wouldn't feel like that. Most of the people I know who queue are there to buy cards they like.