Sunday, February 23, 2014

Contributors so far

So, here's what we know so far by way of contributors, in no particular order at all. These have come either from the press articles to date or from twitter/facebook feeds. Apologies for any spelling mistakes or omissions.

Grayson Perry
Richard Long
Maggi Hambling
Yinka Shonibare
John Baldessari
Anita Klein
Shane Bradford
Daniel Clark
Sarah Kurdika Davenport
Rebecca Arnold
Sophie Collier
Kevin Broughton and Fiona Birnie
Vanilla Beer
Mark Essen
Tomi Vollauschek
Neasa Terry
Stuart Layton
Nicholas Middleton
Jennie Edwards
Emma Russell
Nadege Meriau
Charlotte Bracegirdle
Angela Lamb
Roel Paradaens
Lee Borthwick
Wayne Chisnall
Holly Slngsby
Annabel Tilley
Molly Rooke
Babette Wagenvoort
James R Ford
Louisa Chambers
Masayo Matsuda
Julie Brixey-Williams
Michael Bartlett
Isobel Wohl
Olenna Mokliak
Pete Fowler

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