Monday, April 04, 2016

First 50 raffle after all!

After all the speculation the college confirmed in an email to its mailing list on Friday that the first 50 raffle will happen this year.  Further details have also now been published on the rca secret Facebook page

"And so the First Fifty Raffle returns!!
Come on down on Friday 8 or Saturday 9 and try your luck on the first fifty raffle to be in for a chance of winning a place in Sunday's first fifty sale day queue!
Tickets are priced at £2 each and all proceeds go to providing scholarships and bursaries for future RCA students. Sales are limited to a maximum of 10 tickets per person and payment must be made in cash.
Winners will be notified by 8pm on Saturday 9th and will be required to arrive at 7am for the sale on Sunday 10th April!
Good luck! 🌟🌟🌟🏃🏃🏃"

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Gerard Darby said...

Yes. It also seems that the notion of introducing postcards during the week has been dropped - at least I couldn't see any reference to this on the RCA Secret website any more.