Monday, December 12, 2016

When's it going to be?

So when is the 2017 sale going to be.  No idea.  However we might get a clue from Dubai art week which is in mid march (13-18th).  Of course last year the London sale didn't coincide with Dubai but the previous year it did.  So... who knows.

I check the RCA website every so often and will keep doing so.  When I hear something you will be the first to know.


Lisa said...

As long as it's not the weekend of 8/9th April, I'll be a happy girl (I have something else that weekend). March would be perfect. I'll be interested to see how they work things this year after last year's shake up.

pezlow said...

I think with Easter falling where it is this year it's more likely to be in march. Let's hope so anyway. As for the format I know last years show got a rough ride but there were some good aspects to it.

For me the key is for the college to secure as many great artist contributors as possible. The moncler frieze for freeze show had so many great contributors that haven't done RCA secret. If the RCA could secure some of them I think it would help a lot to delivering a show that pulls in the punters.

Post Lee said...

The 'Permanently Closed' on the RCA Secrets Facebook page does not inspire me with much confidence for this year!