Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Countdown to the sale - our list of contributors

Really not long to go now and little news emanating from the college about contributors so we thought the below might give you something to pass the time.   

We are no clearer on how sale day is going to work and what systems the college will have in place to deal with the number of people who all will be turning up at 8 in the morning all with an expectation of being first, or near first, in the queue.  I very much hope the college have a cunning plan (they can't say they haven't been warned).

The lovely Anita Klein has confirmed to us that she has contributed again.  Needless to say her mini masterpieces won't be too difficult to spot. 

Also keep an eye out for Debbie Lawson's contributions.  Debbie did the amazing Red Bear (pictured) at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition which many commentators felt was the standout piece of that exhibition.  What will her postcards be???

Three of the very best RCA secret contributors have also confirmed they will be there again this year - Peter Jones, Elinor Evans and Susie Hamilton.  Any collector can be very proud to add a piece from these amazing artists to their collection. 

We also know the show will feature contributions from in no particular order K M Bosy, Emma Barnard, Broughton & Birnie, Wayne Chisnall, Jolanta Dolewska, Dorthe Kaergaard, Sarah Kurdika, Ray Richardson, Michael Angove, Frances Aviva Blane,  Nadia Nervo, Babette Wagenvoort, Angela Lamb, Lorraine K Snape, Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh, Pernille Braun, Liesel Thomas, Simon Leahy Clark, Andrew Bunce, Andrew Kulman, Jennie Edwards, Jo Lewis, Jospehine Halbert, Mark Gamsu and Jennifer Baird amongst no doubt many others.

Some more very wonderful artists on that list many of whom have supported the event for many years. 

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