Friday, December 16, 2005

RCA Secret 2002

RCA Secret 2002

This time I queued alone. Having turned up at around 10pm in 2001 and been well back in queue I turned up about 7pm on the Thursday expecting to be at least a little bit closer in the queue. No such luck.

I think from memory I was in about 35th or 36th position and I knew I was in for a long (and cold night). By this stage I was far better equipped however as I had a sleeping bag and a huge fishing umbrella purchased from Argos.

It was absolutely freezing cold that night (probably the coldest night I have done it). As usual I talked to a large number of people in the queue getting to know them and the cards they were interested in.

About 12 at night a bloke turned up dressed only in a suit and having clearly had a significant amount to drink. He joined the back of the queue, cracking jokes in an irish accent and generally enjoying himself. Step forward John McMahon.

After an uneventful, but cold, night we eventually got to the exciting point where everyone starts to pack up their tents and the queue begins to bunch up ready for the opening at 9am.

Once inside I watch as most of the cards noted on my list – the Nick Parks, Damien Hirst, Anthony Frost, Albert Irvin etc get snapped up. So what do I get. Well I got the following:

A drawing of a half moon that was very attractive by Rebecca Hind

A drawing of a nude woman running by Sue Palmer

An abstract picture of some bubbles by Chris Koning

An oil of a dog by James Lee

A cracking drawing of an ostrich with his head lopped off by Shaun Gladwell, Australian artist

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