Friday, December 16, 2005

RCA Secret 2003

RCA Secret 2003

It seems that each year I turn up earlier and earlier in the queue. This time I got there around 5pm. Again I was in exactly the same place in the queue, around 35th.

My research for this years show was much much more detailed that it had been in the past and I had a long list of cards I was after. I love my abstract art and towards the top of the list were two excellent pieces by Anthony Frost. Also up there was a great little pencil sketch of a man dressed in a seventies style suit holding a dog by a lead by Ray Richardson.

The queue was probably the most social yet and friends I had met from previous years were there together with some new folk. I got talking more to John MacMahon (the drunk Irishman from the previous year) together Chris Jones, Hugh More and a girl called Holly who was an art student.

We all shared a bottle of jack daniels bought from the local offie to keep us warm and chatted about the cards we were going to buy. I had printed from the Bowieart site thumbnails of all of the cards in the exhibition and this sheet was handed round to all and sundry.

I also got chatting to Peter Sergeant, a sprightly 75 year old, who told me that he had been queuing for 5 days desperate to get the cards he wanted. That man really does know his art.

As usual the night was cold but fairly dry (which is the main thing). Once the queuing was over the excitement began and I picked up the cards listed below. I didn’t get my Ray Richardson but I did get:

My two favouries by Anthony Frost. I was absolutely chuffed to bits to get those.

A watercolour of a horse by prominent Australian artists Jenny Watson

A little ink sketch by Ben Sadler

A still life of a bowl of fruit, immaculately painted by Italian artist Candra Cassini.

My other half Lisa popped in later on Friday and bought another five cards including one by American conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner.

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