Thursday, November 29, 2007

Views from the front

Here is a little description of the queueing experience from Chris - 1st in the real queue, 51st to make his selection. Over the years I have got to know Chris well, way back in 2001 or 2002 I think we both queued for one night. Since then Chris has been well and truly bitten by the bug - 3 nights queueing this year for 51st in the Queue.

Chris is really really keen to get hold of any Kiffin Williams cards from previous years. If you have any you are prepared to sell or swap please leave a comment on this thread and either myself or Chris will get in touch.

"Well, another year over, and perhaps not as successful as it could have been!

My list, as was always likely to be the case, was registering ‘not available’ at the sales desk, so had to revert to the ‘gamble’ strategy, which didn’t pay off for me as did others.

Despite this, the list I compiled was down to work that was liked, as a follow on from those identified, so went away with 4 artists unknown to me, who will still, nevertheless, be good for my collection.

So, strategies for 2008 establishing already,just need to a) do a little more homework, and b) get lucky in the raffle!

Despite all, my pal Nick from same village (who picked up 3 Crowleys….I already have 3 so gave him a steer on these) and myself had a good time, and I will definitely be there next year….as for Nick, will have to wait and see….

We arrived at about 3pm on the Wednesday, pitched tent at the foot of the steps, and viewed….then lo and behold, as if by bush telegraph, another arrived...two tents put up by him, and he was closely followed by a young student.

So, night 1 spent successfully, and the union bar of ICL used….as well as showers on floor 2….very helpful especially as the guards looked upon us as vagrants

So Thursday lunch….free concert in the Consort CafĂ© in the RAH, followed by discussion with head of Security who wanted us to down tents and disappear!....compromise reached, and moved camp back about 20m to bottom of disabled ramp….all then happy, and hand shakes all round!

Thurs evening again ICL bar and refectory for meal, and finished off the remains of our wine box…resulting in good sleep.

Friday morn, off to Harvey Nicks and back to free concert again, and then into the show for final view and list compilation….and waiting for the call…..unfortunately it never came….

And so to Sat morning, and the waiting finally over, I suppose in retrospect, I could have supplemented my Anita Klein collection, or my Nick Park, but played the ‘go for broke’ card. Any way, a pair of little dog watercolours ( the ones with A and M in bold with some witicism below, and two nudes, one in watercolour the other in pastel…..quite nicely done….but prob not for framing).

Some good press coverage, and I spoke to someone who was watching Sky News, where they had coverage on the Saturday morning.

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