Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good luck all

Good luck to everyone queueing for the sale tomorrow and saturday morning.  I hope you get what you want.  And remember the 7 golden rules

1. Make sure your list is looonnnggg

2. Check that you have the numbers of the cards right on your list. It's easy to make a mistake

3. Buy what you like

4. Be nice to those around you in the queue (one of them may be me :)

5. When you get the front of the queue breathe, relax and go through your list systematically

6. When you've chosen your cards get the cashier to read the numbers back to so you can check you have the right ones

7. Frame, display don't eBay      


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you too!
I was there this evening for the late viewing & to see the cards for real... looking forwards to joining the queue again :)

Ryan said...

can't believe there is already people lining up... fingers crossed for the raffle