Saturday, November 27, 2010

RCA secret and ebay

It's absolutely freezing this morning.  Just think the sale could have been today... would people have queued in this weather?

In other news there are a smattering of 4 cards from this years show on ebay (and a couple from previous years) including cards by Richard Young and Manolo Blahnik.  Whilst there will always be the odd card on ebay after the sale we are now a week on and that represents 0.1% of the total cards sold so it looks like the vast majority went to loving homes.  .   Would love to see pics of how you frame them.


thatgirlontheside said...

Me and my other half were thinking about how cold it was last night, and what state we would be in if the Sale was today - we would have been frozen!

It's nice to know that most of the cards have gone to loving homes - I guess it was more than likely that some cards would end up on eBay, but I don't think I would ever part with mine - each one has a story attached to how it became mine, you know?

Anyway - I now have a collection of RCA Cards that are long overdue for framing... re-decorating my bedroom, so these will be pride of place on the wall :)


pezlow said...

Yeah I would really struggle to part with any of the cards I have queued hours for. As you say there is something personal invested in them. You really need to get them framed up and on the walls! I've just sent 5 off to the framers from our haul this year the remainder will be framed in the new year.