Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kev F Sutherland Artist Interview

Here is another in the series of interviews.  This time with Kev F Sutherland.  You can find our more about Kev on his website.  Here is his blog as well.  Finally you can follow him on twitter. Many thanks to Kev for giving up his time to answer these questions.

How did you first get involved in RCA secret?

I honestly can't quite remember. I know that my wife, the sculptor Heather Tweed, was invited first and the following year I was contributing as well. Wish I could tell you more.

The drawings you did last year were from three different locations, dates and subjects.  How did you go about choosing the drawings you wanted to do?

I draw my cards in the same way as I draw sketchbook pages, capturing what I see very simply, and in biro. They're one part exercise, one part snapshot and the selection for the RCA secret cards is a large part random. Unlike my sketchbook pages, I can't ignore the failures. I draw straight onto the three cards in biro, so apologies to anyone who chooses the one that maybe didn't quite work. (This, of course, never happens)

Have you been to see the exhibition in the past?   What do you like about it?

Obviously the guessing game is inescapably marvellous fun. Who doesn't want to try and guess which is by the famous collectable artist and which is by a recent student? It's also inspiring / stroke / galling to see the use some artists have made of that tiny piece of card when all you've done is a sketchbook drawing in biro. I try not to get jealous.

What work appeals to you?

Anyone who has risen to the challenge and brought something of their work and themselves to this project. I've seen sculpture, all forms of painting, drawing, printing, cartoon, textile, conceptual. signwriting pretty well every medium on these cards (actually, have I seen a video piece? Or did I dream that?)

Have you ever bought anything from the sale and what did you get?

Tried to buy a piece once but either got our bid in too late, or were unlucky.

Do you have a favourite card that you have donated to a previous sale?

I've drawn some pieces on my travels, one year I drew them in Norway I recall, and didn't keep a copy. It's things like that I'd love to see again. The year I drew the mantlepiece in my studio because it was deadline day I can take or leave.
One of the things we love about RCA secret is the diversity of contributors.  Any plans to do the Comic Art Masterclasses to the students at the college?

It would be a challenge to teach comic art to serious practising artists, given that I usually work with school pupils who often feel they can't draw and frequently have no awareness of comics strips and narrative art. When you're ready.

Tell us about the scottish falsetto sock puppet theatre?

Perhaps the best evidence that I actually went to art college (I have a degree in Fine Art, my degree show was video and conceptual work, and I've spent 20 years drawing comic books, most famously working for The Beano) the Socks are a comedy double act that have done 4 sellout years at the Edinburgh Fringe and have a growing international audience (we'll be playing the Adelaide Fringe next year). They've made the art I'm most proud of yet.


Stue1967 said...

Just back tracking through some of your old posts. I actually bought one of Kev's cards in 2013. Ah, those were the days!

Stue1967 said...

Just back tracking through some your old posts. Bought one of Kev's cards in 2013. Ah, those were the days.