Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peter Jones Artist Interview

Regular readers of this blog will know that one of our favourite RCA secret artists, indeed one of our favourite artists full stop, is Peter Jones.  So we were thrilled when Peter agreed to answer a few questions.  Do check out Peter's website and follow him on twitter.

You've been donating to RCA Secret for some years now. What is it that
you like about the show ?

I love the democratic concept of the RCA Secret and the exhibition which
to me has always felt like a Pop installation. More importantly though, I
admire the central cultural contribution of the event which is the
confidence it gives to new collectors.
What do you think about the hard-core fans who queue overnight or even
for days to buy work at the show ?

How can anyone not admire the friendly determination of the RCA Secret
punters ? Any artist would wish to find equally passionate collectors
queuing outside their studio.
Have you ever bought something or queued ?

The only time I've ever queued for hours and hours in the freezing cold
for art was many years ago in Paris to see a Georges de La Tour

The last time I bought a card from the RCA Secret was some years ago
during the afternoon after most of the cards and all of the queue had long
gone. It was by Sol le Witt.
Tell us about your work and influences.

I paint from vintage toys which I collect for the purpose. I am less
interested in the history of these found objects but instead I try to
suggest someting of the inherent symbolism of the subject.

All the artists who inspire me are too many to even begin to list, but I
am always fascinated by the obssessive commitment to a particular subject
by great painters like Monet or Morandi.
How long do you spend working on a postcard ? They seem to be as
finished as any of your studio paintings

The postcards usually take about three hours to paint. This relates to the
ten to twelve hours it takes to complete one of my paintings on linen or
wood panel. All my work is small in scale but I think three hours to
finish a painting is quick !
Do you have a favourite postcard you've contributed from previous shows ?

The White Lamb I painted last year marked the end of my series of Lamb
Portraits so I am fond of that one. However, the painting I have made for
this year is probably my favourite.

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Anonymous said...

Peter Jones - What a Top Man and what a Brummie legend.Keep up with your work Dude it is soooo Ace