Saturday, January 21, 2017

RCA secret will be in September this year


The college have posted on twitter that this years sale will be in September.  No definite date yet, possibly around 9th to 16th.  A little longer to wait but it will be worth it!  And warmer in the queue.


Lisa said...

Really? Seems to be gone now (unless I'm losing my marbles).

September's an interesting change though.

pezlow said...

It's still there, on the @rca twitter account not the @rcasecret account for some reason. At least it should be a lot warmer Lisa.

Gerard Darby said...

Really looking forward to it and like the idea of it being in September. Hope it will be in Kensington.

Lisa said...

Got it, thanks!

As for warmer, remember when we all thought that when it moved from November to March?