Saturday, November 22, 2008

Are these the most iconic RCA Secret cards ever?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not usually prone to hyperbole but having now glanced through the results on the rca website my attention was immediately drawn to the fact that Alex Katz contributed 6 pen and ink drawings of Obama.

I'm really not sure what has drawn artists in the US to feel the need to paint, print and draw images of Obama but there is no doubt they are doing it in droves. You can't fail to see the Shepard Fairey Obama image everywhere but it is not just him, or David Choe, or Ron English even Alex Katz gets in on the show.

Combine one of America's leading contemporary artists with an already iconic subject matter and you have something really quite special. Congratulations to those people who bought these cards.

Also pictured left is the one Anish Kapoor card in the sale. A little disappointing in the end.

Anyway congrats to the college on another hugely successful sale. Well done to all the hardy folk I queued with. Hello to everyone I chatted too and thanks for all your kind feedback about the blog. I'll post my experiences of the 2008 sale when I have got feeling back in the fingers. In the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on this sale, what you got, the one that got away etc.


Jules said...

Would have been great to have somehow bumped into at the sale! How was it for you today? Have you any sensation back in your fingers?... :)

I arrived at, queued & got 2 of the cards I liked - 206 & 833. It was a great experience, and I'll write up about it soon :)

pezlow said...

Nice one Jules - would love to hear your experiences and of course the experiences of others. From speaking to others at the sale yesterday it is apparently one of the things about the blog they most enjoy, together with the updates on the press articles and build up leading up to the sale.

Jules said...

I've done a wite-up on my blog:

Wasn't sure how to submit it here - be warned's quite long :)

pezlow said...

Nice one Jules - have left a comment on your blog but would love to reprint this on here if that is good with you :)

Jules said...

Indeed - feel free to do so!
Best, Jules :)

pezlow said...

Thanks Josie - will do so in the next couple of days when I get a moment :)

Tombola said...

Good blog - we found the FAQ on the process very informative last week so thanks for putting that up.

We were there by 3am, write-up here if you're interested:

Very cold and tiring but a hugely enjoyable experience!

pezlow said...

Great stuff tombola - again I would like to publish this one on the blog as well if that is ok with you?

Tombola said...

Thanks! You'd be very welcome. I look forward to reading your experiences too.


pezlow said...


My experiences are coming once I have time to write them :)