Saturday, November 15, 2008


Viewing the cards online is a slow and frustrating process. I can only assume that the RCA Website is being hit by hundreds of eager viewers given how slowly it is working. The college may need to upgrade their server for next year's sale...


cmatterson said...

Unbelievably slow - I've found that some pages (ie the ones from about 10 onwards) are better than others - that the traffic seems especially clogged up at the first few pages.

and what a relief this year to not have an abundance of skulls... huraah!
Looking forward to visiting the RCA to see the postcards for real.

Andrew said...

Yeh went to check them out today.
Some really brilliant ones! And certainly matched a few to their respective artists!
How are you doing on that front Pezlow?!

I don't find the website too slow, but it is frustrating how you cannot skip from one postcard to the next without going back.


Andrew said...

I was also surprised at how many artists had done more than one piece. There were a few that looked like they had done 4 or 5 nearly identical pieces!


pezlow said...

The site has speeded up a lot now. Some great cards. Having fun trying to identify them and choosing my favourite ones :)