Monday, November 17, 2008

Registration Reminder

Just a reminder that online registration for the sale finishes on 19 November 2008 so if you haven't registered yet now would be a good time. I'm not sure whether you will be able to register in person later on or not.


Caitlin said...

Where do we register? I'm sure I can find it by Googling the Royal Academy but a link would have been helpful!

Thanks for the good work on the blog. You've been in my RSS reader for a couple of years and I always enjoy the run-up to the sale when you bring us all the news and links.

How about a post on what the optimum time is to start queueing, what you should bring for the wait, and strategies for how many cards to pick out.

JMM said...

Better to go to the Royal College of Art websist than the Royal Academy.

Cut and paste this link into your browser...

The optimum time for queueing is just after me :)

Not an easy question to answer, depends on how long your list is, and how much you want whats top of your list.

My friends have queued from 6:00am and come away smiling.

I've also seen people arrive around the same time and left 'gutted'. But they only had about 15 cards on their list.

As for what to bring, a brolly, your warmest shoes, and a smile should get your through.

Jules said...

I was planning on getting there as early as London Transport will allow me to... this will be my first time & I'm quite excited, so thanks for the tips - I hope to have a smile on :)

I'm still awaiting my registration number... even if I have to check my phone in the queue on the day for the email, I will :)

pezlow said...

Good luck all. I hope you get the cards you like :)