Monday, November 09, 2009

And an article in tonight's evening standard

No sooner was I saying that there wasn't so much press coverage for rca secret this year then not only is the telegraph getting in on the act but also the Evening Standard. Londoners can try and get hold of one to have a read but unfortunately the article isn't yet online. It also features 4 cards (including the one pictured) but they are the same as the Telegraphs.


nXc said...

I'm really quite excited to go to my first RCA secret. I can't wait to waste my employer's man hours by going through the cards with a fine tooth comb. I'm thinking two days for the provisional list and then a further day to whittle it down further.

Boon said...

There's also an article on The London Insider!!

Can't wait to go next Thursday to see the postcards. I've bought one before in the 07 exhibition, but sadly it wasn't by anyone famous...

How long do you think the queue will be on next Saturday to buy?