Monday, November 23, 2009

Framing offer

So you have your precious cards now and you want to get them framed. As I've got more and more into art I have realised the crucial importance that a good framing job can do for your piece of art.

Also you need to ensure that your art is conserved properly, without the risk of it being damaged by the framing process or by harmful UV rays etc.

Any good art framer should be able to give you chapter and verse about the frames they use, the mounts, the type of glass, the methods of fixing the artwork to the mounts etc etc. Make sure you ask lots of questions to ensure that the framer knows what he is doing and knows that your artwork is important to you, and possibly quite valuable.

If you are keen to ensure that your artwork is framed well and that it is done to conservation standards then I have negotiated a deal with a well known framers for readers of the blog.

Gary at photography framing has been framing a large amount of my stuff for a few years now (see pics of last years cards). The service is excellent. He has regular collection and deliveries in the south-east (and sometimes further afield) so you just book a slot with him. He will arrange to collect the artwork from you then will either phone you or email you to discuss framing options. You can have anything from the standard white or black box frame through to some really wacky mouldings indeed if you are feeling brave.

Once the work is framed gary will arrange to deliver it back to you. Perfect.

The special price offered to readers of the blog is:

Full conservation standard framing
Perspex and mount on the back of the frame so you can see the signature
A range of frame choices
UV Glass - £75 including VAT.

If you would like Museum glass (which is non-reflective and really worth the extra cost) then the cost is £120 including VAT.

Just email with your requirements, mentioning the RCA secret blog.

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