Saturday, November 07, 2009

Short piece in the guardian today

There's a short piece about the show in the guardian today, together with a picture of one card. Content reproduced below.

Bargain hunters get the opportunity to make a killing this week as the Royal College Of Art's Secret comes around again. This annual show invites illustrious ex-alumni and other artist well-wishers to paint on postcards, which are then sold in aid of the RCA Fine Art Student Award Fund. There is, of course, a catch. Each artwork is signed on the back, and buyers are kept in the dark about who has made the work until they've shelled out. But at £40 a pop, it's worth the risk, and those lucky enough to nab a YBA should be very pleased with themselves; a Peter Doig postcard was recently sold at Sotheby's for £42,000. Just don't forget your sleeping bag if you want to be first in line.

Royal College Of Art, SW7, exhibition Fri to 20 Nov, sale 21 Nov

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