Saturday, November 21, 2009

Artists Names are all up now

The artists names are now all up on the rca site, as usual a few surprises and interesting ones.

I hope everyone had a great time and got what they wanted, I know I did.

Over the coming days I will posting peoples experiences of the sale day and their stories, including my own. If you've got a story you would like to contribute then please let me know, by commenting on the blog. Would be great to hear from you.

I will also be publishing details of a special framing offer I have negotiated for all our readers should you want to get your cards framed as I am sure you will.

I will sleep well tonight though.


Jules said...
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Anonymous said...

That's cool - will look out for info on the framing details, thank you :) I've popped a post up about the day too.

Jules :)

pezlow said...

Thanks jules, are you happy for me to post your account on here as well :)

Anonymous said...

Of course you can - please, feel free :)

katieap said...

Went to the RCA Secret show for the first time this year, it was amazing fun, loved it!Thanks for the advice on the framing - that's brilliant.

Does anybody have any advice on the following? My two favourite postcards were gone, but now that the artists names are published I can see who they were by. One artist I can't find anything about on the web, do you think the college would be able to provide me with details if I contacted them? I just love her postcard, and I'd be really keen to find out if she has any exhibitions on elsewhere or if she sells her work through any small, independent galleries.

Thanks in advance for the help!

pezlow said...

Hi Katie - yes I am sure the college will be able to give you details of the artists. Failing that who are they? It may be that I know them or someone else does.

katieap said...

Thanks! The postcard was number 33, by Nicole Rogers. Any information gratefully received.

katieap said...

I'm in luck I think - the college have said they will give her my email. Thanks for the advice.