Monday, March 18, 2013

Brain fade

Do you feel like the picture? Lists, numbers, oils, acrylics, pencils, pen and ink. Birds, dogs, cats, rats, mice, hamsters. Statues, old men, old women, children with tattoos, pregnant women. After a while you can get brain fade.

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Post Lee said...

It's all too much :)

Coming live to you from the RCA 2013 tent queue! Our intrepid art lover reports...

I arrived at 4.30 this afternoon (Tuesday 19 March) to find three tents here. The first tent occupied by a lovely couple, luis, a Spaniard and Ellen, Italian - RCA virgins! The occupants of the second tent I have yet to meet and the third tent seems unoccupied - hmmm. Will have to keep an eye on that!

The start of the queue is not where you would immediately imagine; Hester road, but rather around, what I would call the back, which I'm reliable informed is actually the front of the RCA building. Situated around the edge of a court yard behind the co-op supermarket and next to Bunga Bunga bar! I'm also told that there is only room of 30 tents and there after tents will be out along the street.

So, my advice to you as your sit in front of the tv, with your cocoa, electric blanket heating your bed and watching NCIS. Get here soon to grab a relatively sheltered spot before they all go.

Lights out. I have a busy day ahead of me scrutinising 2,700 cards.