Thursday, March 21, 2013

Excited yet?

Whose excited now? Not long to go. Are we seeing things clearer now?


le renard said...

I can't say I've been particularly productive at work this week as have been on the RCA website most of it! Some great entries this year, as always, though it feels strange not having some of the regulars contributing. Have found a good 60 that I love, but not found "the one" yet... (maybe that's a good thing so I can't get disappointed when I see its number emphatically crossed out on the big screens on Saturday morning!).

Have the die-hards started camping out already or have they banned it this year?!

kay jones said...

YES! I now have 90 cards on my list, hope that will be enough. I am not able to travel to London twice or stay over night so I cannot buy a lottery ticket. My plan is to drive from my home in the Midlands at about 1.00am and join the queue when I get there,looking forward to first RCA Secret!!!