Saturday, March 02, 2013

RCA secret queue bingo

Here are 10 phrases that you are bound to hear people say at RCA secret.  See if you can cross off all 10 whilst whiling away the hours in the queue.  And yes I've said all of these many times myself.
1)    I got one of my numbers wrong
2)    I don't think my list is long enough
3)    I've never won the raffle
4)    It's not a vintage year
5)    Does anyone know how to fold up a pop-up tent?
6)    My feet are soooooo cold
7)    Is he pushing in?
8)    Do you remember that year when....
9)    I wish there was somewhere round here to buy coffee
and the oldest chestnut of all:
10)  Buy what you like

1 comment:

Post Lee said...

Love it!

And you're bound to hear a few, 'Thats got to be by...' as you're walking around the exhibition.

Number 5 made me laugh. In 2011 so many people asked me to fold away their pop up tent!