Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pictures of the Dyson building

Another quiet day on the news front, sure to be press articles next week though.  In the meantime check out this great blog post about the Dyson Building where RCA Secret will be hosted this year.


Post Lee said...

I visted the new location on a little recce a few weeks ago and met the new security staff, they were so friendly.

Hester road seems to me to be more sheltered than the previous location. There was only on drawback I could see, no railings to tie your tent to. So its large bottles of water, to weigh the tent down, from the mini express supermarket literally less than 30 seconds away round the corner.

Also lots of pubs and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. I think, from the campers point of view, its a great move. Lets hope it is for the sale too.

Lets also hope we get all the bad weather out the way this week!

pezlow said...

Yes co-op store and pizza express nearby should make life quite a bit easier!

Anonymous said...

I checked out the pub on the corner on Saturday when I went to the viewing...excellent food :D